I've come to realize that raising tiny human is probably one of the toughest job on earth, after owning one myself. Being a full-time mummy to a super "magnetic" tiny human that stick to me like 25 hours a day, this blog is something that I've always wanted to do but couldn't find time for it. With Baby V approaching 8 months old, I'd say that she clings to her mummy slightly lesser now, maybe like 24 hours a day? *laughs* So, I try to squeeze as much time as I can for my crafting passion, juggling between house chores, cooking, and other 101 things that you can imagine a full-time mummy doing.

This blog will be mainly about crafting and sewing stuffs meant for tiny humans. To name a few, I am into quiet books, baby quilts, blankets, pillows, plushies and sock toys. I really do hope to inspire other mummies who share the same interest. I'm eager to hear about your projects too. Additionally, there will be some parenting stuffs here, as well as bit and pieces of my ever growing tiny human. If you are not into any of these, please do stay for the food and baby-friendly recipes. Food, to me, is an art that gives great sense of accomplishment when you watch that food you prepared being devoured to the very last bit. I am sure mummies out there can totally relate, especially if you have tiny humans  who are picky eaters.

I guess thats all about my blog for now. To all mummies and daddies, happy parenting, happy reading, and most importantly, happy crafting! :D

Me and my drooling Baby V

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