Thursday, 11 February 2016

Annoying Questions over Chinese New Year

OK, this is the 4th day of Chinese New Year. Not that there's anything special about this day, but I figured it's time to congratulate all first time mummies like me for making it this far. And why is that so? Because it's kinda annoying to defend what's good for the little ones when it comes to the so-called Chinese New Year goodies and breastfeeding. Sounds familiar, no? Haha, high-five if you experienced any of the below these few days:

1. "Har? No formula at all ar? She will not be full lar..."
Errr... what makes you think I will starve my kid?

2. "Last time we all wake up very early in the morning to boil water etc and make formula milk for our kids, not like her, she just breastfeed only..."
Errr... it's just 7am plus? It's not like I slept till 10am plus or something on Chinese New Year. Seriously, you really need to make me sound like a lazy mother? And mind you, I can hear you from the room.

3. "Going breakfast with your friend and bringing baby too? See, thats why la, fully breastfeed so must stick with the mummy all the time, other people cannot help to babysit"
Errr...I happily bring her everywhere without any complains, so why should you? Most important of all, leaving her behind to take the risk of her being fed with god-knows-what when I am not around? NO, thank you! LOL.

4. "Har? Cannot have packet drinks meh?"
Errr... no, cannot. Why? Because she is 10 months old, not 10 years old. Make sense right? Sigh~

5. "Give her some cakes la, it's soft what. Why cannot? Must be because the mummy says cannot..."
Errr... yes, the mummy says cannot. So? Does that makes me a control freak or a dictator? Well, you do make me feel like one.

6. "Poor baby! Cannot have any Chinese New Year goodies at all while the mummy happily eats away..."
OK, how many times do we need to go over this? I won't starve my kid. And again, for god's sake, she is only 10 months old! Geez, what am I suppose to do? Feed her prawn crackers? Or bak gwa?

OK la, I didn't answer to any of these questions actually. I can only wish that I did. Haha. But, it won't be nice if I say it straight to your face like "you can feed your kids anything as much as you like, but puh-lease, let me decide for my kid", right? So, I tried not to offend anyone by playing dumb and deaf ALL THE TIME. And, I can't recall how many times I tried hard not to make this face, ya know? LOL.

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Let's not treat this as a rant, but funny comments that I bet many of us can relate to. To all mummies out there, you are doing a great job trying to give your babies the best. Chin up, and just LOL to random comments people like to give. Keep calm and have a jolly Chinese New Year! :P

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