Friday, 5 February 2016

5 Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Babies

It's that time of the year again, a.k.a. the Chinese New Year balik kampung season! Today I've pick five of my personal favourite road trip snacks for tiny humans to share with you! Mine is close to 10 months old when we hit the road this Saturday. If you are having a 4-5 hours road trip like me, I hope this post is just in time to give you some idea on choosing snacks for your little ones.

1. Sliced cucumber
This is on the top of my list because all I need to do is peel a cucumber, slice them thinly, put into a container, and I'm good to go! Japanese cucumbers are more preferable since the seeds are smaller and therefore, more baby-friendly. Best of all, the chances of sliced cucumber staining your little ones' clothes, or the car seat for that matter, is close to zero! :D

2. Sliced Sengkuang/ yam bean
I've just learn a new word writing this post because I tried to Google what's sengkuang in English. Haha. It can be sliced thinly as snacks for babies and if you are travelling with toddlers, it can be cut into matchsticks since they can chew better. This too, is a stain-free snack but it probably takes a little more effort to find it in supermarkets (that explains why I don't have it in my photo? I've been searching for days, to no avail, sobs).

3. Steamed Daikon/ white radish
This comes third in my list because it requires steaming. Slice them thinly, and steam it for 5-10 minutes and there you go, another stain-free healthy baby snack! Haha.

4. Banana
If your road trip takes longer than 5-6 hours then the previously mentioned snacks are probably not suitable due to freshness issue and this is where banana comes handy. Peel it anytime, anywhere and your baby's snack is ready!

5. Mandarin orange
With Chinese New Year just around the corner, I bet many of us already have a ton of mandarin orange stuffed in our fridge! So don't miss out this fuss-free peel on-the-go snack for your baby! Just make sure the oranges are cleaned thoroughly before peeling it for your tiny human.

Happy Chinese New Year and happy holiday peeps!

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