Saturday, 5 March 2016

DIY No Sew Tutu Dress for Tiny Humans

This DIY tutu dress is part of my preparation for Baby V's first birthday smash cake photoshoot soon. Well, not that soon actually, it's like a month away from now but I am a kia-su mum so I'd like to be ready sooner than later. Haha. If you are interested in making your own tutu dress for your princess, read on!

You'll need a crochet headband (mine measures about 15 x 15 cm), tulle in your preferred colours, a pair of scissors and a measuring tape. You can get all these from your local fabric store or craft store. 

The length of the tulle depends on the height of your little one. I wanted my tutu to be about 25 cm long so I cut my tulle into 50 cm length. The length is doubled because the tulle will be folded into half when tied onto the crochet headband.

Stretch the headband onto something bigger so that the holes on the headband can be easily located. I stretched mine on a teddy bear. Haha. 

Now that the headband is stretched, locate the first hole from the seam of the headband. Fold tulle strands into half and pull it through the hole to create a loop.

Then, pull the two ends of the tulle down into the loop and tighten the knot.

Continue around the headband and you'll get something like this. My knots of tulle is tied in alternating colour of dark pink and light pink. At this point of time, the tutu dress is already good to go.

However, I wanted my tutu dress to be puffier so I added another layer of shorter tulle (42 cm strands) on top of the existing layer. This time, I tied my strands of light purple tulle in alternating holes of the next layer instead of every holes of the layer. Voile! My tutu dress in shades of purple and pink is all done!

You can go on and add extra embellishments like ribbons, rig rags, flowers, and pearl beads to make the tutu dress more adorable. It all boils down to creativity and how you want to design your tutu dress. I prefer to keep mine simple for now. Hehe

Happy trying and do share the picture of your tutu dress! :D

P.S. I can customise tutu dress for your little one too. Hehe. Do contact me for details at

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