Monday, 21 March 2016

Travelling with a Sick Baby in Japan

I've not been updating my blog for quite some time now because I was away for a 2 weeks' holiday. This is my share of story when Baby V fell ill during our trip to Japan. I did not expect Baby V to be sick on her first trip abroad since she is generally fit at home. Having a sick baby when travelling is every parent's worst nightmare, more so, when language becomes a little bit of a challenge. 

She started having coughs before the flight to Tokyo but she was still a happy baby overall. Soon after, her cough worsens with frequent sneezes, runny nose, and slight fever. With all the discomfort, she became the crankiest baby on earth, crying frequently during the flight, and refusing to nurse or sleep. Sounds scary, no? Feeling bad for disturbing the passengers around us, my hubby and I tried hard to entertain her by reading her storybooks, as well as giving her snacks and toys. This is poor Baby V inside the bassinet in front of our seats.

When we run out of ideas to keep her busy, I flipped the inflight menu with her over and over again for like, a gazillion times. And of course, not forgetting walking her up and down the aisle with her in our arm just to stop her from crying.

Our first night in Tokyo was not any better as her discomfort continues. She woke up several times in the night crying and screaming so badly that I worry our neighbours would mistake it as her being tortured. We gave her our standby medicines but she did not seem to feel any better. The next day, we bought a combination syrup for runny nose, fever, and cough from a local pharmacy.

On the third day, we started to panick as her fever reached 39oC. We decided to bring her to a paediatrician despite having read before that medical care in Japan is extremely costly. Our Airbnb host turned out to be incredibly helpful on bringing us to the clinic which was just 5-10 minutes walk from the place we stay. We couldn't thank him more for trying to translate Baby V's condition to the doctor. Baby V was tested negative for influenza and was diagnosed as just having a common cold. The doctor sent us away with medicines for cough, phlegm, and fever, together with antibiotics. All these cost a whooping 7920 Yen (about RM295), way more expensive than what we usually pay for back in Malaysia.

We ended up staying in our room most of the time during the first few days in Tokyo so that Baby V can rest more. So yeah, it's a pity that our sight-seeing schedule is pretty much delayed but nothing is more important than Baby V's well-being. Anyway, we were still able to make the most out of our trip by filtering out places we really wanted to go. I will be posting about our Japan escapade soon, so stay tuned if you are planning to travel Japan with your little one. :D
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