Monday, 29 August 2016

Hello September!

Yes, I know, how time flies and my last blog post was, OMG, 2 months ago! It's a shame that my blog is close to being abandoned but please don't leave just yet, I got carried away with my new toy (a.k.a. sewing machine) with endless sewing projects. Haha. There are so much things that I wanted to make but the only "me time" I have is after my tiny human sleeps at night, before she wakes up in the morning, and during her afternoon nap. And yeah, after taking out time for house chores and cooking, there is only soooooo little "me-time" left. T.T

Some of you might be asking why there isn't any updates on recipes for tiny human? Surely I'm still preparing food for my little one, right? Well, yeah, but I have not been cooking anything new as she barely eats. I am close to giving up cooking different stuffs for her because my effort will go down the drain most of the time and I will be the one to wallop her food in the end. Meal-time is a war and I basically just let her eat anything we adults are eating, sans seasonings. Let me see, she only eats noodle, luffa, mushrooms, tomatoes, fruits and on good days, green leafy veggies. Sigh~ She hates rice, egg, fish, chicken, pork, beef, prawn, and everything else. T.T Lets hope that she'll have better appetite soon so that her mama will be motivated to try new recipes again. If you have similar experience with picky-eaters, I'm dying to hear your suggestion to get rid of this problem!

Long stories short, if you have not been following my Facebook page or Instagram, these are some of the children's quilts and tote bags that I've made recently.

That's all for now. Please do stay tuned for upcoming blog posts! :D

P.S. All those children's quilts and tote bags are up for grab! Please drop me a message if any of it is your cup of tea. Thank you!


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