Thursday, 1 September 2016

DIY Owl Pillow

Today I'm going to share the step-by-steps of an owl pillow I made quite some time ago. It's really quite easy to make so perhaps you can consider it as your weekend sewing project. Hehe. I used fleece because the fabric is not just snuggly but stretchy as well, and therefore creates a puffier owl pillow.


Orange fleece (the amount of fabric needed is dependent on the size of pillow you want to make)
Some cotton fabric in matching colour
White fleece
Black fleece (I used black colour felt because I don't have black fleece :P)
Poly filling
Threads in matching colour


1. Fold manila card (I ran out of this so I just used a large paper bag) into half and draw the shape of your owl. Cut the paper template. Cut two pieces of owl shaped fleece base on the template.

2. Draw (I traced the edges of a bowl) and cut eye template . Cut the eyes of the owl from white fleece.

3. Cut the blacks of the eyes.

4. Cut tummy piece base on your template. 

5. Baste the eyes, tummy and beak (just cut a small triangle) onto the body by hand-stitching. 

6. Using zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, appliqué all pieces to the body. Once you are done, just cut the baste stitches. Repeat for the black of the eyes.

7. Sew the body of the owl right sides together, leaving a small opening to put in the stuffing later. Clip the corners and curves to remove bulk from the inside of seams.

8. Flip the owl inside out and the casing is ready for stuffing.

8. Stuff poly fillings into the owl and close the opening by using ladder stitch.

Ta-daah, it's all done! Have fun! :D


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