Friday, 2 September 2016

DIY White Radish/ Carrot Plush

I'm back with another fun project here! If you have been following my Instagram or Facebook, you'll know that this project was initially meant to be a pincushion. However, my lil Baby V decided that the carrot belongs to her the moment she saw it. Hmmm, love at first sight, huh? LOL. Since I've got plenty of leftover white fleece from my quilting projects, I decided to make a white radish and share how it's done, in case you want to make one for your tiny human (or for yourself maybe? Haha) :P I promise it's super easy and you'll probably get it all done in less than 30 minutes.


White fleece (Orange fleece if you prefer to make a carrot)
Green fleece 
Light brown thread (White threads if you are making a carrot)
2 black shank buttons
Black felt
Red felt
Poly fillings (I use scrap fleece fabrics but poly fillings will definitely be more snuggly)


1. Cut a triangle and a rectangle. The rough measurement of my rectangle and triangle is as shown in photo but you can alter it to your preference (I think it's super fun to have a carrot bolster thou :P)

2. Using light brown threads, randomly sew straight lines on the triangle.

3. Set the machine on the longest stitch and stitch a line along one side of the rectangle (the longer side). Pull either the top thread or the bottom thread and slide fabric together to create ruffles. Adjust the ruffles so that the resulting length of the fabric matches the length of the triangle. You will end up with something like this.

4. Pin green fabric and white fabric right sides together and stitch them together.

5. Put right sides together and sew a line down from top to bottom to create a casing. Remember to backstitch at the start and at the end of the line.

6. Flip it inside out and carefully push the bottom out by using a pen or a chopstick. Add poly fillings into the casing from the opening at the top of the white radish.

7. Close the opening by hand stitching. Gather and tighten fabric as you sew. Knot the thread when you reach the end of the seam.

8. Cut one piece of half circle from black felt. Cut another smaller piece of half circle form red felt.

9. Attach tongue to mouth by using a glue gun.

10. Trim away edges and the mouth is ready to be attached to the white radish.

11. Sew two black thank buttons onto the white radish as eyes.

11. Randomly cut the green fabric in straight lines. The advantage of using fleece fabric is that it doesn't fray so you can cut the green fabric into as much leaves as you want. :D

12. Ta-daah, it's all done! Time to enjoy some acupuncture! LOL.


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