Friday, 18 December 2015

Quiet Book Page: Clown Fish Among Seaweeds

Hello again! This is a continuous of the previous tic-tac-toe page because I placed the extra starfish/ seashell on the seabed of this page. Let's start with creating the clown fish.

1. Draw and cut template. Cut two piece of orange felt as the body of the fish.

2. Randomly cut wavy strips of white felt and paste it on a piece of black felt. Cut the black felt along the white felt like this.

3. Paste it on the body of the fish and trim excess on the edges. Repeat another strip at the end of the body.

4. Add googly eyes and your clown fish is ready. Repeat to get two fish.

5. Cut a piece of light brown felt as the sand. Paste it on the bottom of the page. Do not glue the upper part of the seabed (arrow) just yet. Leave it for the insertion of ribbons as seaweeds later. 

6. Paste velcro for that extra piece of starfish/ seashell from the tic-tac-toe page.

7. Paste the clown fish using a glue gun.

8. Glue the bottom of some wavy ribbon and paste inside the light brown felt. Once done, sew along the seabed (arrow) for reinforcement.

9. Add more seaweeds to the seabed.

10. Cut a piece of purple felt and paste it on the seabed as coral.

11. Last but not least, cut some dark brown felt and paste it on the seabed as stones.

Yay! The extra seashell/ starfish from the tic-tac-toe page can now be placed on this page!

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