Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Quiet Book Page: Surfacing Whale

For this page, you'll need some grey, blue and light yellow felt, as well as a pair of googly eyes. Let's get started.

1. Draw and cut template.

2. Cut felt pieces using the templates.

3. Sew two sides of the whale together. You can secure it with a bit of glue beforehand to ease the sewing process.

4. Attach googly eyes on both sides with glue gun.

5. I used a light yellow 25cm x 25cm felt as my page. Glue three sides of the wave piece (arrow) to the page to create a pocket that can accommodate the whale. There is no need to sew the pocket now as it will be done when two quiet book pages are sewn together back-to-back.

Yay! The surfacing whale page is done!

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