Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Owl Pillows

I'm so excited to share my latest owl pillow project! So that explains why I have not been updating much about my "Under the Sea" quiet book pages. Haha, apologies for that. Bear with me and look out for future updates on the quiet book pages, OK? :D

Back to our owl pillow topic. This is how my cotton-linen fabric looks like.

I did not take picture of individual steps this time, but I promise the owl pillows are really easy to make and any sewing beginner can complete this project in no time. So, here goes.

1. I cut the fabric based on the outline of the owls.

2. Pin the owl on a piece of plain fabric and cut along the owl.

3. Now, sew right sides of the owl together. Leave an opening for insertion of stuffings.

4. Flip the pillow inside out.

5. Add stuffings to the pillow.

6. Hand sew to close the opening.

I do hope that my owl pillow project can inspire you to make your own pillow. Just go to your local fabric store and look for fabrics with large animal prints (each of my pillow measures about 30 x 40 cm), or any object of your liking, and get your own pillow project started! Happy sewing!

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