Monday, 11 January 2016

Quiet Book Page: Fish Puzzle

This is another page from my "Under the Sea" quiet book. Let's get started.

1. Draw and cut template. 

2. Using a glue gun, assemble the patterns on your fish. I did mine in thick and thin strips.

3. Now glue the front and back of the fish together.

4. Cut the fish into three parts, or as many as you like based on your fish design.

5. Hand-sew outline of the fish puzzle piece on your page. I place a piece of puzzle on my page as I sew. Once I'm done, I switch to the next piece and start sewing again. The stitches do not need to look perfect. That's the beauty of hand-stitching, no? I call these perfectly imperfect stitches! Haha. And trust me, tiny humans wont't even notice it.

6. I machine sew along the edges of all pieces. You may hand stitch if you don't have a machine. It's fine too if you prefer not to stitch. Just make sure the front and back piece of the fish puzzle is strongly glued together.

7. Lastly, attach velcro on the back of the puzzle pieces and on the quiet book page.

There you go, a nice fish puzzle page.

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