Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Baby V Turns One Today!

My little bundle of joy is one today! I can't believe how time flies and how much she's grown from a tiny baby into a young lady of her own now. I've always wanted to do a smash cake photoshoot as a way to celebrate and remember her first birthday. The planning starts from researching photography ideas from the internet, making her tutu dress, making all the decorations, making the smash cake, and finally taking the actual photos! It's a huge relieve that all these are done now and the results of M's photos were actually quite satisfying. Hehe.

The photo-shooting process was tiring but fun. I had to make all sorts of monkey face, together with dancing and singing in order to catch Baby V's attention, while her daddy snaps away photos. All was well except for one thing: Baby V has no intention to smash the cake at all. In fact, she is kinda scared of the cake, making noises EVERY single time I try to move it closer to her. And M jokingly interpreted her reaction as: gosh, she is frightened by the ugly cake! Geez, I was like really? Teasing my effort to make the cake look pretty? Duh...

Anyway, in order for the photos to look nice, I still tried to coax her into tasting the cake. She only started licking frosting off her fingers after I dabbed some on her hand and cheek. And thats all. If I move the cake any closer, she'll crawl away from it, OR cry. You can only imagine how difficult it is to capture nice photos of babies. >.<

The photoshoot was time-consuming since I prepare everything from scratch, but let me tell you, the fun is really worth the effort! Give it a try with your little one! Ah, before I forget, you'll need some pretty hard-core floor cleaner if you plan to do something like this too. I mopped the floor three times to remove the greasiness. Not fun at all. LOL.

Lastly, while M hasn't been kind by saying that the ugly cake terrified his daughter, I still want to thank him for playing along with me to capture the moments of her first birthday! :P So here goes, Baby V's smash cake photos! Happy birthday little one! Mummy loves you to the moon and back! :D

She's got a good mood as we started the photoshoot right after her nap. <3

Mummy was singing the "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" song. LOL.

Here comes the cake. OK, I know, she doesn't look amused. :P

Baby V: Why is that "thing" so near me? Can someone take it away already?! T_T

Baby V: Umh, OK, so this is something that I can eat huh?

Baby V: Hmm... That tastes pretty decent. :P

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