Friday, 17 June 2016

Prawn Curry Pasta

OK, honestly the name of it sounds weird right? Well, this is one of the funky stuff that I churn out sometimes. Haha. Take a break from the "normal" tomato-based pasta sauce and give this recipe a try! I promise it taste better than it sounds. I used kids curry powder in this recipe so that my tiny human can have a share of the pasta. This recipe yields enough curry gravy for one large plate of pasta.


1 large tomato, blended into paste (I use an immersion blender)
1/2 yellow onion, chopped
4 clove garlic, minced
1 stalk curry leaf, washed and removed from stem
100ml coconut milk (replace with 1-2 tablespoon plain yogurt if you don't have this)
Curry powder, dilute in water as per instruction on packaging (mine says 15g in 200ml water, if I assume it correctly, since I bought it during my trip to Japan and the instructions are all in Japanese :P)
Handful of prawns, peeled, deveined
Some broccoli, washed, boiled, drained
1-2 king oyster mushroom, cut into bite-size slices 


Cook pasta until al dente. Heat some oil in a wok. Stir fry onion, garlic and curry leaves until fragrant. Add prawn and stir fry until it changes colour. Add tomato paste, mushrooms and curry solution. Continue stir-frying for a while. Add coconut milk to adjust gravy consistency to your liking. Bring curry gravy to a boil and pour it over cooked pasta. Serve pasta with cooked broccoli.

You can replace prawn with other proteins like chicken, beef, or even hard-boiled egg. Similarly, broccoli and mushroom can be replaced with other veggies too. Veggies that goes well with curry gravy include long beans, baby corns, carrot, and egg plant. You can even add apple or pineapple chunks to create a mildly sweet curry gravy. Happy cooking! 

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