Monday, 6 June 2016

Quiet Book Page: Ruffly Lion

Good day!

Let's continue with the ruffly lion page for the "At the Zoo" quiet book.

Materials & Tools:

Felt - light brown, pale yellow, black, white, purple
Thread - light brown, black
Rig rags - yellow, orange
Ribbons - dark brown, light brown, orange polka dots, light brown polka dots
Hot glue gun
Fire lighter


1. Cut felt pieces based on the template. 

2. Attach ears, eyes, nose and mouth to the lion face using hot glue.

3. Cut ribbons and rig-rags as the lion's mane. I cut brown ribbons into longer lengths to create loops while the rest of the ribbons and rig-rags are cut into lengths half the size of the brown ribbons. Carefully burn the ends using a fire lighter to prevent fraying.

4. Time to attach the hairs to the head! Using hot glue, carefully attach ribbons and rig-rags to the back of the head, with the ends of the ribbon measuring about an inch from the edge of the head. Now, glue the lion head onto the page.

5. Make simple straight line stitches along the edge of the head to secure the head and mane to the page. Lastly, stitch the eyebrows and whiskers using the back-stitching method. Yep, the ruffly lion page is now all done!


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