Saturday, 4 June 2016

Quiet Book Page: Peek-a-Boo Panda

Now that Baby V's "At the Zoo" quiet book is complete, I'll be spending time on the steps for you to make your own. This time around I don't have photos for every single step of the page making but I can assure you that everything you need to know about the process will be explained in detail. And of course, free printable templates will be available for download soon. So here goes, let's start with the peek-a-boo panda page!

Materials & Tools:

Felt - Black, white, pink, lime green
Thread - Black
A pair of googly eyes
A pair of snap fasteners
Hot glue gun


1. Cut felt pieces based on the template.

2. Arrange all parts accordingly as in where you want the ears, eyes, nose, and blush to be before you start glueing it permanently with hot glue. This step is important because you'll get all sorts different panda faces with different arrangements. Haha. You also want to ensure that the eyes are in the right place so that the arms are long enough to reach and cover them.

3. Glue all parts excluding the arm. Thread a needle and tie several knots at the end. Use two strands of threads instead of a single strand so that the outline of the mouth is more prominent. Sew the mouth (i.e. something shaped like the letter "w") below the nose using the back-stitching method. Sew one side of the snap fastener on the panda body.

4. Sew another side of the snap fastener on the arm of the panda. Repeat for two arms. You'll end up with arms that exposes messy stitches from sewing the snap fasteners. Layer another arm cut-out on top so that the stitches are hidden. You can either glue the pieces together or blanket stitch around the pieces. I prefer the later because it gives more durability, especially with destructive tiny humans. :P

5. Fasten the arm to the body and there you go, a shy panda with movable arms! 

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