Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Felt Sandwich Play Set: Part 1 - Bread and Tomato

This is another felt project of mine. If you find my previous "Under the Sea" quiet book instructions to be too intimidating, try this fun project! I promise it is less tedious than making a quiet book, although it still require plenty of time to complete it. Haha. :P

The project is nothing new and in fact, you can find plenty of it on the internet but I sure hope my step-by-step tutorial is one of the most complete guide you can possibly find. These are the stuffs that comes with the sandwich set: bread, tomato, lettuce, egg, cheese, and bacon. As the blog title suggests, I will cover bread and bacon first in this post. Let's get started:


Here's what you'll need, light beige colour felt for the body of the bread, light brown felt for the crust of the bread, poly-filling, matching thread, and needle. 

1. Draw and cut template.

2. Start sewing one side of the bread "body" to the crust using blanket-stitch. I know, it seems a little difficult at first since it is three dimensional, but really, it'll get better when you get the hang of it. Hehe. My strips weren't long enough so I just overlap another strip a few stitches before the first strip comes to an end. You should end up with something like this, creating a shallow pocket for the filling later.

3. Place a thin layer of filling, followed by a layer of felt, and lastly, add another layer of poly-filling. Sandwiching felt between filling layers creates a more sturdy body for the bread. 

4. Place the outer piece on top the poly-filling. Blanket stitch around the edges of the bread slice. How to get nice crisp edges? Insert a chopstick and tuck around the edges from the inside of the bread slice. Do this a few times as you close up the "bread", adding or adjusting the filling where necessary. Ta-daah, the felt bread slice is ready! Ah, don't be too happy just yet, you'll still need to at least sew another slice of "bread" for the sandwich set! Haha.


The worst is over now that the bread slices are done. LOL. The rest of the sandwich set are definitely easier to sew. Let's continue with sewing tomato slices. You'll need felt in red and maroon colour,  hot glue, yellow thread and red thread.

1. Draw something like this and cut red colour felt based on your template.

2. Cut the maroon felt into a matching size as the inner part of the tomato. glue two piece of the cut-outs together to get something like this.

3. Sew tomato seeds randomly using yellow thread. If you do not have thick threads, just double up normal strands of thread, tie a knot at the end, and start sewing. You will need two pieces of these for every tomato slice. Oops... The back is messy but it'll be hidden later. :P

4. Lastly, blanket stitch two pieces together back-to-back.Voile! A slice of tomato is ready! Now, continue stitching as much slices as you like. Haha.

Do stay tuned for my coming post for lettuce and egg felties. Happy crafting!

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