Saturday, 14 May 2016

Felt Sandwich Play Set: Part 3 - Cheese and Bacon

How did your felt sandwich set project went? I sure hope you had fun sewing all the felties. Let's continue with cheese and bacon felties today!


1. Draw and cut cheese slices based on the template. The larger holes are cut but using a scissor after slicing the centre f the hole with a knife whereas the smaller holes are made by using a hole punch. I prefer to sew two layers of felt together for extra durability because tiny humans can be pretty destructive (or is it just mine? LOL). Anyway, if you've read about my previous post, you might be wondering why didn't I double up layers for lettuce leaf too? Hmm... Well, because I think a thin single layer of felt would have more resemblance to a real lettuce leaf. Hehe.

2. Glue around holes and blanket stitch two cut-outs together back to back. Yes, you can do it the easy way too, just glue both pieces together! But again, blanket stitch does give extra reinforcement so that the felties can last longer. :D Anyway, this should not be a concern if your sandwich set is meant for older kids who don't go around ripping stuffs like my 13mo tiny human. Haha.


1. Bacon felties are the easiest among all to make. Just cut strips of maroon, white and brown felts.

2. Glue them accordingly in stacks and your bacon felties are ready in no time! You can glue the white and maroon strips on both sides of the brown strip so that the bacon streaks are visible on both sides, but I prefer to just do one side so that the thinness of the bacon felties resemble real bacons. So, yeah, I made mine using only hot glue without any stitches. It's so easy to made that I have zero worries that my tiny human would destroy it. If she really did, I'll just make another one. Haha.

My tutorials on all felties for the sandwich set has finally come to an end! All templates available here. Happy crafting! 

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