Friday, 13 May 2016

One Pot Chicken Rice

Pff... Don't know what to cook for dinner? Or you are having that "can-we-eat-outside-tonight" melt-down? Give this fuss-free recipe a try so that you don't have to think about WHERE to eat out. That can be tough to decide too sometimes, well, at least for me. Haha.


6-8 pieces of chicken, blanched
4-5 mushrooms, soaked and cleaned
Rice, washed
1 teaspoon soy sauce
Some sesame oil
Some pepper
Half bulb garlic, washed (you can mince the garlic if you prefer a more garlicky taste, directly putting it to the rice is just me being lazy, haha :P)
A few slices of ginger
Pandan leaves, washed and tied in a knot (too bad I don't have it this time)


Add water to rice according to your usual preferred ratio (the general 1:1 ratio is good although you may need a little more if your little one prefers softer rice). Add soy sauce and pepper and mix thoroughly. Add ginger, garlic and Pandan leaves. Lay chicken pieces on top of rice in a single layer. Add mushrooms. Drizzle generous amount of sesame oil. 

Close the lid and switch on the rice cooker. Do not open the lid once the rice cooker switches to the "keep warm" mode. Let the chicken rice sit in the cooker for at least another 20 minutes. This allows the remaining steam to cook both the rice and the chicken pieces thoroughly. Ta-daah, the chicken rice is ready to serve!

You can season the rice with a bit of salt before cooking for extra flavours. Anyway, since I'm serving it to my tiny human, I prefer to season with just a little bit of soy sauce. Happy cooking!

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